We are a growing and effective team of people located in Vancouver (Canada), Sigchos (Ecuador) and La Paz (Bolivia). Led by our board of directors, we handle CEF’s daily operations in Latin America, Canada, and Greece, with passion and full dedication. We have the skills to carry out our work but above all, we’re deeply committed to making our vision a reality. Keep reading to learn more about our functions and backgrounds.


Mary Pullen
Program Manager


Brad Boyce
Bookkeeping and Financial Management


Alberto Mollinedo
Field Co-ordinator in La Paz (Bolivia)

Mary works as Program Manager of CEF to support the development, capacity building, and scaling of community-based enterprises in CEF’s portfolio.

Brad is in charge of administrative tasks related to project funding, staff payrolls, invoices and maintaining a balance of accounts for our Foundation.

Alberto co-ordinates, monitors and supports CEF’s projects in Bolivia.


Daniel Catota
Field Co-ordinator in Sigchos (Ecuador)

Daniel is in charge of co-ordinating the development work that our foundation carries out in Sigchos, Ecuador.